Devizes Area Board

Devizes Area Board, which meets around eight times a year, gives people a chance to raise issues and ideas that are important to them. These meetings are usually held at 7pm and everyone is welcome to attend.

This board brings together Wiltshire Council, Wiltshire Police, Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service, NHS, the military, housing associations and Devizes Town Council.

The aim is to help find ways to strengthen Devizes and the surrounding villages and make it more resilient.

You can report anything from speeding to anti-social behaviour (ASB) through the area board.

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What has the Devizes Area Board been doing over the last four years?

Our Chair, Cllr Laura Mayes
Our Chair, Cllr Laura Mayes

Working for the Community
Since 2009, local people have submitted 133 issues to the Area Board for action. At the

Our Chair, Cllr Laura Mayes

Working for the Community

time of going to press, 124 of these have been resolved and only 9 are still under active consideration .

Supporting community groups
Over the last 4 years, the Devizes Area Board has provided around £200,000 to local organisations and initiatives. Some of the project supported are listed below:

  • A Devizes area spider map and travel guide for bus users, runner up in the VCS Awards 2012 for the best partnership project.
  • The tourism signage in Devizes renewed and transferred to the Town Council

Young people decide

    Young people decide

  • A participatory budgeting event for young people proving funding for projects ranging from wrestling in Rowde to mixing in Potterne.
  • Devizes hospital and community radio
  • Old School Day Centre ICT equipment
  • Walks on the Kennet and Avon Canal
  • Devizes and District Association for the Disabled
  • Youth projects including; West Lavington Youth Club, Bluz n Zuz, Market Lavington Youth Project
  • Sporting activities including; cricket, netball, rugby, canoe clubs and cycling event
  • Theatre, arts and community events; First Stages Theatre Group, Devizes Carnival, White Horse Opera Crown Centre, Kennet Young Musicians, Wiltshire Heritage Museum, Outdoor Participatory Arts, SUKOSTA Theatre Group, Party in the Park, Sustainable Devizes Network Fair, Arts Together
  • Support for village halls and amenities; West Lavington, Little Cheverell, Earlstoke, Rowde Village Shop, Broadwell Play Area
  • Clubs and societies; Devizes Lions Club, Bromham Road Monday Club, Wood Community Group
  • CCTV in Devizes
  • Rowde Skate Park Devizes
  • Devizes Opendoor
  • Funding for 36 Jubilee street parties and local events

2012 A year of celebrations
The Area Board promoted many of the things that were good about the Devizes area at the Jubilee event in Salisbury Cathedral Close. Working with the Wiltshire Heritage Museum and Outdoor Participatory Arts, we were proud to be chosen to receive a visit from the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.

Listening to the Community
The Devizes Community Area Partnership completed a community plan in 2011 funded by the Board. The community plan was looked at alongside statistics for the area in a stakeholder event in 2012 leading to improvements in services. We also held a special meeting to discuss the changes in the NHS.

Community Asset Transfer
The successful transfer of land enabled new allotments to be created within Roundway Parish, an urgent need that had gone unresolved for many years previously.

Youth Projects
Provision of a skate park and BMX facility in the Devizes area has been talked about ever since the last one was forced to close in 2002. We are now in the process of placing both of these at Green Lane

The Environment
Working with the Drews Pond Wood Group to ensure that the Nature Reserve that won an ‘Outstanding Achievement’ award is sustainable and explore whether it can extend its offering to the community through the purchase of additional land and a community Orchard.

Air quality continues to be an important issue and the area board is working hard to ensure concerns are addressed. An air quality management area around Shanes Castle was agreed in 2009 and the area board will be deciding in November how far to extend this so that it includes other areas at risk.

  • Supporting the tenants of the house at the Wiltshire Council owned Marsh Farm, as they look to create a community farm and learning centre.
  • Taking forward the Campus Project which aims to bring local services in Devizes together in a single place.
  • Ensuring that the Wiltshire Core Strategy which sets out Wiltshire Council’s spatial vision, key objectives and overall principles for development, accurately reflects the wishes of the community

Transport and Highways
The Devizes Community Transport Group has delievred several important pieces of work. These include:

  • Improvements to London Road to help with traffic congestion and promote cycling.
  • Using unassigned S106 money, over £120k was spent improving road markings, bus stops and a crossing at Windsor drive.
  • Focusing on traffic congestion, the Board has driven through a brand new traffic model and new transport strategy.
  • In partnership with the Devizes Community Area Partnership, there has been a focus upon increasing the appeal and accessibility of cycling. This detailed work included new routes, better visibility, more stands, school travel plans and a cycling event.
  • 20mph speed limit been trialled in Great Cheverell
  • White gates have been installed as you enter the villages of Roundway & Worton.
  • Improved pedestrian crossings across the A342 in Rowde
  • A new crossing has been constructed in Long Street, Devizes
  • New Bollards installed along the High Street in Market lavington to prevent drivers mounting the pavement
  • New sign put up at a dangerous bend on the Cheverell Road
  • The Speed Indication Device has been located at various sites in response to requests and accident statistics
  • Addressing the problem of Heavy Goods Vehicles using unsuitable roads around Cheverell Magna including diverting over height vehicles away from the area.
  • Increased illumination of Crossing near the Nat West Bank to make it safer
  • Improved visibility at the Black Dog Crossroads
  • Introduced Lorry Watch as an additional tool to prevent misuse of the roads in the Devizes area
  • Decided that the C8 and the C20 roads should have their speed limits reviewed.
  • New parking sign to be erected in Devizes Town centre to point to Station Road Car Park.

Working with our partners
As well As the Community Area Partnership, the area board has increasingly strengthened its links with our key partners, including Town and Parish Councils (set up Parish Forum), Police, NHS, businesses and community groups. Working with the Police we tackled anti social behaviour in Windsor Drive. Parish councils are very important to the area board.

In summary.
There is no doubt that the area board has been extremely affective in increasing local democracy and empowering communities. As we look to the future, it is clear that there will be many difficult challenges ahead. However we can also be confident that these challenges will be met, and that the area board’s support will be vital to the community as it increasingly grows in confidence to take on more itself